Demo Reel

Welcome to my 2020 Demo Reel, showcasing my work as a Cinematographer & Video Producer to-date. The aim was to break the Showreel status quo by coming up with a concept that delivers a little more than just a sequence of pretty imagery. After all, I am meant to be a visual storyteller! I wanted to convey the reasonings & motivations behind my decision to ditch the 9-5 in pursuit of the creative career that I love, as well as hopefully inspiring a few people along the way to think about making their own positive change. This is especially poignant since we’re all living in a time when there’s never been more opportunity nor reason to reflect upon the way we’re existing & spending our lives.

A BIG THANK YOU for hiring me to all the clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with so far; from TV Networks, Production Companies & Creative Agencies; to Brands, Corporates, SMEs, Public Bodies, Charities & Events. And not forgetting all the very talented & creative Cast, Crew, Producers & Marketeers that make it all very possible & super enjoyable.

🎥 Camera Op | 🚁 CAA Drone Pilot
🎬 Film Maker | 🎞 Editor | 📸 Photographer
🏔 Remote Access
📍Lake District National Park, UK 🇬🇧
🌍 Operating Worldwide ✈️

Cinematography, Editing, Colour Grading, VFX/Motion Graphics & Sound Design by Craig Charters.

Music (in order of appearance):

‘Outro’ by M83 licensed from Naïve Records | Paris (

‘On the Mountain by the Sea’ by Utah licensed from MUSICBED (

Narrative: ‘What Do You Desire?’ from The Works of Alan Watts & licensed from the Alan Watts Organization (