‘Investment’ is the key word in the above sentence. Our Power of Video page will provide you with all the facts & figures you’ll ever need to reassure you that investing in video is not just the future, but the here & now! The fact that you’re already here considering a video solution is certainly a step in the right direction…

The reality is, every production is unique with its own set of aims & objectives, thus requiring a different set of resources to fulfil them. That’s why we take a bespoke approach to every potential project. Our Rates & T&Cs page can give you a rough indication of our costs, but rest assured that our aim is to always produce the highest quality piece of video content we can whilst working within your specified timescales & budget. No matter the time or cost constraints, we can usually come up with a high-quality video solution to fit.

We work on all scales of projects from local one-day single-crew shoots, to long-term multi-crew international productions. We take the approach that there is no shoot too big, too small or too far away. We just love creating video content & we always work to the very best of our abilities, as we firmly believe that we’re only ever a good as the last video we created.

But please remember the old adage; ‘You only get what you pay for!’ By not allocating enough time & budget to your production, you may not be doing your creative vision justice. Our key advice is be open, honest & realistic with your aims, budgets & deadlines from the outset, allowing us to tailor the best video package to suit you. Plus take action well in advance of deadlines, leaving ample time for creative juices to flow, careful planning to be made, epic footage to be captured & edits to be finely polished.

‘Fast’, ‘cheap’ or ‘well’, only one outcome can usually be achieved. So please watch the below demonstration & carefully consider the approach you want to take for your next video project:


Of course we’re here to make the experience as painless, as efficient & most importantly, as successful as possible. We even aim to make it fun & enjoyable! But we do appreciate that the film production process can sometimes appear a bit daunting, involving various stages, individuals & an array of complicated terminology & equipment in order to deliver that award winning production or viral video that you’ve been looking for. So here’s a rough breakdown…

Pre-Production Planning Phase

Here we develop & translate a client idea, objective or brief into a plan. This may include, where appropriate, drawing up Moodboards, Production/Project Plans (inc. schedules, budgets etc.), Scripts, Storyboards & Shot Lists.

Next, filming locations may need to be identified & scouted, relevant film permits & permissions obtained, Drone Operational Planning Surveys & airspace checks/clearances completed, risk assessments compiled, models/actors/extras auditioned & cast, plus additional crew & resources booked (inc. equipment, transport, accommodation, catering, make-up etc.).

Finally, Kit Lists, Logistical Plans & Call Sheets are drawn-up for each shoot day/location to ensure all the right people are in the right place at the right time with everything they require to achieve the creative goal.

Production Phase

Now a crew of highly skilled, experiences & talented individuals all work in harmony to make the magic happen!

Post-Production Phase

Once all the required footage & audio have been captured, it is delivered to the Edit Suite where it is backed-up, cut, arranged, assembled & processed by our Video Editors using powerful Edit Stations for maximum processing power, coupled with the latest fully licensed suite of Adobe Creative Cloud professional software products. Any required Virtual Effects, Motion Graphics and/or Animations are designed, generated & incorporated into the edit. Then the edit is Colour Graded for a uniform look & to achieve the correct feel, tone & mood. Finally, sound is engineered & music selected or composed & then licensed before the video is officially handed over to the client for approval.

The below film was produced to explain the process by undergraduate students at the University of Cumbria’s Institute of the Arts Film School whilst working under the direction of Craig during his post-grad MA studies & mentoring: