1. 1 x Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production ‘Day’ constitutes anything up to & including 7.5 hours (inc. statutory breaks). For a working ‘Day’ exceeding 7.5 hours (inc. statutory breaks) up to & including 10 hours (inc. statutory breaks), an additional 50% of the applicable ‘Day Rate’ will be charged (i.e. time-and-a-half). For a working ‘Day’ exceeding 10 hours (inc. statutory breaks), an additional 100% of the applicable ‘Day Rate’ will be charged (i.e. double-time).
  2. 50% non-refundable upfront deposit required prior to commencement of work on any project.
  3. Remaining balance will be requested upon initial delivery of agreed output.
  4. Payment terms are strictly 15 days as standard from the invoice date unless otherwise agreed.
  5. Late payment penalties will be charged in line with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Statutory Interest is currently 8% plus the Bank of England base rate for business to business transactions together with reasonable compensation fees at the rate of £40 – £100 per invoice.
  6. Standard turnaround time from final shoot completion to delivery of the first draft edit is 45 days unless otherwise agreed, although quicker Post-Production times are possible for an additional fee used to hire-in additional resources to facilitate.
  7. 2 x rounds of concise client-led amendments per production £FOC. Further amendments will be charged at current Post-Production Rates as incurred & are subject to Post-Production Team availability.
  8. Video subtitling or captioning will incur an additional charge of £1 per word unless otherwise agreed.
  9. As ‘the client’, you are hereby entering into an agreement that affords you the rights to use the final processed photographs and/or final edited video content for the afore agreed purposes only.
  10. We reserve all rights to any raw & edited photographic and/or moving imagery captured/created.
  11. Raw photographic and/or moving imagery will not be made available to ‘the client’.
  12. Any raw or edited photographic and/or moving imagery captured or created may be offered for future sale via stock media outlets & therefore made available for reuse by others.
  13. We reserve the right to utilise any imagery from our projects & productions (moving or still, captured, edited, generated or behind-the-scenes) for our own promotional & communications purposes. This may include, but is not limited to, press releases, website, social media, publications & other marketing materials.
  14. Prices are subject to change for future projects & productions.